In Pursuit of Development

If you are interested in democracy, governance, poverty eradication, and climate change, this is your go-to podcast for a deeper understanding of the politics of global development.

Our world is facing a double challenge: to eradicate hunger and poverty and to stabilize the global climate. We are constantly warned that as the adverse impacts of climate change will only worsen soon, we must redouble our focus and energy in promoting a sustainable development agenda. Many also urge us to transform our policies and practices related to food and agriculture, health, energy, infrastructure development and consumption patterns. But how can we achieve such ambitious transformations, and what are the main challenges ahead?

In each episode, I will discuss the experiences of developing and “emerging economies” in Africa, Asia and Latin America. While I will examine major global challenges and highlight various “problems”, I will also highlight “solutions” and “what works” on the ground.

This podcast will thus enable you to examine development interventions critically. It will also help you better understand how “promising” policies, programs, and practices can be deployed in a range of international contexts.