In Pursuit of Development

Development as a Right: Unpacking Principles and Practices — Surya Deva

Episode Summary

Dan Banik and Surya Deva explore the principles and added value of the right to development, discussing its translation into action and the need for inclusive and sustainable strategies beyond traditional approaches.

Episode Notes

The right to development enables individuals and communities to actively participate in and benefit from various forms of development — economic, social, cultural, and political — while ensuring their human rights and freedoms. It involves a range of responsibilities, including the roles of states, multinational companies, NGOs, businesses, and educational institutions. Central to this right are principles of self-determination, intersectionality, intergenerational equity, and fair distribution, aiming for inclusive, diverse, and sustainable development. The shift towards a rights-based development framework is evident in initiatives like the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Bridgetown Initiative. Additionally, the role of businesses in this context is guided by frameworks like the UN Global Compact and the Business and Human Rights Guiding Principles, moving beyond the traditional "do no harm" approach. Despite its significance, the right to development faces challenges and legal critiques regarding its implementation and necessity.

Surya Deva is the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development and a Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Environmental Law at Macquarie University, Australia. @ProfSuryaDeva @UNSRdevelopment


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